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A concise, accessible, and rigorous monthly digest of news and academic reports on the gap between America's rich and poor. We bring to life the issues that shape the US economy and the question of 'who gets what,'

Why Read The Difference Principle? 

The Difference Principle is specially designed to serve as a tool for journalists, academics, and stakeholders interested in understanding developments related to US inequality. Since 2019, the newsletter has synthesized major news developments in a monthly column and offered summaries of new research to provide an accessible window into how academia, think tanks, and journalists are making sense of America's divided economy. 

Areas of focus include: 

- Health Care 

- Public Transportation 

- Race Inequality 

- Technological Change 

- Trade 

- Democratic Erosion 

-  Urban-Rural Inequality 

- The Gender Pay Gap 

- Finance and Monetary Policy 

- Debt 

- Tax Policy 

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Founder and Editor

Julian is a researcher and writer whose work for the past five years has focused on economic inequality in the US, with an emphasis on technological shocks and indebtedness. He studies modern automation and artificial intelligence in relation to their effects on inequity and the socio-cultural character of the United States. He is a Fulbright Scholar, currently based at the London School of Economics. In the past, he has served as the Editor-In-Chief of the Brown University Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is also a co-founder of Connect Tutors: an organization dedicated to curtailing inequality in higher education. 

In the past, Julian has given three TEDx talks and worked or interned in President Obama's post-presidency office, The Brookings Institution, the World Policy Institute, the Center for International Policy, and Save The Children

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